USS BREWTON is the 35th ship of the Knox class Frigates. Commissioned on July 8, 1972. BREWTON'S primary mission is Anti-Submarine Warfare. The ship has inherent versatility and has proven to be capable of performing the many tasks assigned to Fast Frigates. BREWTON'S overall length is 438 ft., beam is 46'9", displacement is in excess of 4,000 Tons, and her speed is in excess of 27 knots. BREWTON is outfitted to operate the SH-2F Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System (LAMPS) helicopter in support of her mission. BREWTON is also capable of Anti-Surface, Anti-Air Warfare and Naval Gunfire Support. To help with its ASW mission the BREWTON is equipped with AN/SQS-26 and the AN/SQS-35 IVDS which can be placed at optimum depth for submarine detection. BREWTON is configured with the AN/SQR-18 TACTASS (Tail) which is hooked to the 35 IVDS for it can help with her ASW mission. To help with her Anti-Warfare she is equipped with different weapons systems, which in the ASROC Launcher, which holds Rocket Thrown Torpedo and Harpoon Anti-ship missiles. There are 4 MK-32 Torpedo Tubes, one 20mm Gatling gun (CIWS) used for Anti-missile defense and one 5"54 cal Gun which is used for Anti-ship and Gunfire support. BREWTON is manned by 18 Officers and 265 Enlisted personnel. Facilities for the crew include berthing, messing, laundry, ships store, barber shop and a lounge. BREWTON is powered by a single screw driven by a 35,000 shaft horsepower steam turbine. Two boilers provide steam which drives the ship thru the sea. BREWTON is part of Destroyer Squadron Twenty-Five, homeported in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Appropriate to the memory of LT Brewton, the ships motto is