The design selected to represent the USS BREWTON is based almost entirely on the BREWTON family Coat-of-Arms. The wolf, representing swiftness and fighting spirit, was incorporated into the body of the shield from its former postion atop the crest. The star, symbolic of honor and achievement was in the grasp of the wolf but has been repositioned to permit inclusion of the Trident, symbol of Sea Power.

The left side of the shield is red, for fortitude and the right side is blue for loyalty, fidelity and truth. Silver chevrons across the field denote peace and nobility.

The motto "Dedicated, Determined, Prepared" was considered appropriate not only to the U.S. Navy SEALs, with whom he served, but to John C. BREWTON himself, and as desirable characteristics of the U.S. Navy Man-'O'War named in his honor.